Welcome to Raw Food Hub, Together with you, we are changing the food system from the ground up..

The role of Raw Food Hub is to help farmers and local food producers take their differentiated products to the market.

We provide customized aggregation, distribution, and related supply chain services as we strive to deliver on local market promises on the good food values driving interest and growth.

Good food is defined as food products and practices that are healthy for the body, green for the planet, fair for producers and workers, and affordable for all.

Good food values range from concerns for public health and social justice to demand for local economic and environmental returns.

There are many exciting changes that are happening here at the Hub. You can view our TVC and a launch video as well as one that captures our spirit, passion, and how much we want to share Raw Food Hub with you, and build it together!

Thank you so much to Bathtime Productions, Coastbeat and the GOWINGS Group for creating these videos.