Thank you for joining the Community Supported Raw Food Hub.

Together with you we are sending out a huge, loving ‘virtual’ hug to all of the farmers, food hubs, producers, transport & logistics companies, packaging companies, web designers, local council, public relations teams, social media managers… and of course the fast growing team of 40 amazing brand-new staff members & partners who have joined us and who are now working with Raw Food Hub to redefine the food system as we know it and deliver this vital service with you… the community we love.

It’s our best guess that you will opt for home delivery during the next few weeks and as we pro-actively expand our reach far and wide along the east coast of Australia we look forward to the warm and understanding conversations we will share together, as we get to know you in the same way you know a friend who comes round for dinner.

So… until our next meal together, we recommend completing the form below so that we can start this relationship.

We also recommend that you have a read of the Frequently Asked Questions.

Once you have submitted your form, you can sit back and enjoy your time at home sitting by the phone waiting for our call where we will laugh, cry, tell stories and dream about the new world that is being rebuilt thanks to you.

$165.00 Family Premium Mixed Box$135.00 Fruit Only Box$135.00 Vegetable Only Box$110.00 Family Special Mixed Box$85.00 Single Premium Mixed Box$85.00 Fruit Only Box$85.00 Vegetable Only Box$60.00 Single Special Mixed Box$35.00 Tasty Sampler Mixed Box

We are partnering with local business people looking to collaborate and maintain continuity of their enterprise. Our main work is to connect their beautiful products and services to you through the Hub. Let us know which of these you would like to discuss as additional inclusions each week.


In preparation for our phone call, please print, fill, sign and scan this credit card Authorisation Form, and send to


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