Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start my subscription?

You can get started from next week!!!!  We feel that it is absolutely paramount that every household we connect to this program deserves a remarkable experience, consistently delivered, every time. We will call you to have ‘The Talk’ so that we really understand what is important for you because we see every relationship as unique and long term.

Where can I read reviews about the Community Supported Raw Food Hub?

We certainly do recommend that you check out the reviews on our Facebook page We have also picked out a few of the hundreds of comments that come into Raw Food Hub in the footer below.

Is the food Certified Organic?

At Raw Food Hub we always favour and seek out Certified Organic farmers over conventional produce. Through our experience we have found that there are many local, honourable, regenerative farms that use natural processes that we have personally inspected, which we respect and trust.

What's in the box?

The box contents are changing every week with an exclusive focus on seasonal produce. You will find that the boxes are a wildly diverse mix of fruit and vegetables, herbs and speciality items.

You can choose to include the amazing Yamstick Eggs at $9 Dozen.

Also, let us know if you would like to include K’Pane Breads in your subscription as follows;

1) Sourdough Batard $7.50
2) Ciabiatta $7.50
3) Light Rye $8.50
4) Spelt $9.50

Can I add extra items?

Yes. Think of us like your personal forager or a modern day version of the safari hunter in the concrete jungle…. however our target beasts are things like the Cornasaurus, Brocodile, Potatosamus the TriCarrotops, and the Orangeutans. If there is something you particularly like you can add extra items as ongoing inclusions in your subscription and we’ll make it happen.

Can I substitute some items?

Yes. We are more flexible than a contortionist. We will do quite literally anything to keep you happy. Just talk to us about your requirements and we will be all Corn Ears!

Can I just try it out for a while first?

Yes. We recommend a short-term subscription of one season (12 orders) to start. We know that after 3 months you will truly love what we do and we know that like all good relationships, it take communication, flexibility and lots of listening so that we really get to know what you do like and what you don’t.  At the end of the initial term when you realise that there is absolutely no way that you would ever go backwards to old alternatives…. you can confidently advise us to continue.

What day is deliveries?

Our Delivery frequency and schedule is currently expanded. If there are any changes we will confirm with you when we call.

Halfway Creek

Valla Beach

Boambee East
North Boambee

Red Rock
Corindi Beach
Safety Beach
Sandy Beach
Emerald Beach
Moonee Beach
Sapphire Beach

Coffs Harbour Central
Nana Glen
Upper Orara

* We are offering a No Contact Pickup Option here at the Raw Food Hub Shed at Unit 2, 34 Ann Street Coffs Harbour between Tuesday and Friday 12pm – 2pm. Just contact us to make these arrangements if that suits you.

* If you come from an area not listed in the above regions we will call you to discuss options.

You can also remain connected to the latest news and delivery updates hot off the presses via our social media channels and our weekly newsletter.

Where do you deliver today?

Today we service the region covering 100km north and 100km south of Coffs Harbour. We are currently scaling up and we will expand the regions we visit, with new suburbs opening up progressively.

How can I create a delivery to my suburb each week?

Become our greatest Advocate!!!! If you are already aware of the great work we do and you really want us to start delivering to your specific area, what we recommend, is to get a solid group together….Like 50 households all fairly close to each other…. and hold a Community Supported Raw food Hub Subscription Party….(On Skype of course) much like the old Tupperware parties our nana’s used to hold and serve cups of tea and sandwiches. If we see that there is a cluster of interest in an area we don’t come to yet….. you and your party might just get a call to say that it’s all on and we are coming!!!!!!!

What if I’m not home when you deliver?

Our recommendation is to leave an esky with frozen ice packs out into which we will carefully pack your order. You can also provide instructions to leave the box in a cool & shady spot.

What if I am going away?

Simply let us know and we will pause your subscription until your return. In the near future you will be able to manage this when you log into your customer account.

When do you process transactions?

Payment is due prior to delivery. If payment is not received, your order may be cancelled.

Transactions are processed 7 days before your delivery. Your Subscription runs as an automated process and this ensures we know for sure how much organic food to ask our farmers to harvest.

Please ensure that there is available funds on your nominated card or we will have to send round the heavy watermelons to put some pressure on you.

How do I know the order is processed?

You will receive an email with a copy of the invoice when the order is processed in our online system. We also print a copy and put it in your box because our fastidious staff are always checking and double checking that everything about your order and any special instructions are correct. We do recommend you look at the information on the invoice each week and make sure everything remains correct.

Payment Options

To set up a subscription all you need to do is send us 52 rolls of toilet paper and your all set for a year of food deliveries…. (just kidding)…..What we do is link a credit card to your customer file within our secure ordering system which we now know is the safest, most streamlined way of taking payments and with the way we work, even 1 minute saved allows us to focus more on you and on this important work. Naturally, you always remain in control in that every time the system processes a payment, you immediately receive a copy of your invoice directly to the email registered on your account.

How can I manage my personal preferences?

Launching shortly is the new Raw Food Hub online platform. This website will allow you to log in and access complete self-service to manage your food relationship with our farmers and adjust your order preferences seamlessly.

How can I share feedback about the box?

Yes please do… fact be absolutely brutal…..we can take it….and your feedback is anonymous so don’t hold back. We are really good listeners and your most honest feedback is so important as it directly shapes our future direction.

Our promise to you is that we will continually take action based on what the community says about us and we will share those findings with you in our words and in our actions.

You can access the Customer Satisfaction Survey at and would also encourage you to have a voice and join in the discussion via our active Facebook & Instagram channels.

Where can I follow you on Facebook & Instagram?

Come over and join us @Synchronicity Farm if you haven’t already, to keep up to date with all of our updates, and let us know what inspirational foodie creations you are up to!